Release 2015 Newsletter

There is a saying in the wine industry: “It is easy to make wine, but then you have to sell it.” Camille and I have begun that journey, and believe we have successfully fulfilled the first part of that statement. We’ve completed hours of planning, punching, pressing, topping, legalizing, crafting and prepping wines for bottle, and now have all the tools in place to bring this wine to the tables of our friends and family. 

As much as careful effort in winemaking, this project has also been a great lesson in the multiple facets of the industry -- government agencies that regulate alcoholic beverage production, packaging suppliers, art designers, and the guys who drive the trucks to get the cases to storage.  Some days the easy part really does seem to be monitoring progress of the ferment.  We have enjoyed watching the wines come along in their maturity, and are continually humbled by the support and encouragement of our friends and mentors.

So here we are, with a product we are both proud of, from a place with which we both feel a deep connection – the Las Madres Vineyards of the Sonoma Valley.  Camille and I are happy to present our first offering through our Belharra label: the 2013 Las Madres Syrah and the 2014 Rosé of Syrah. Both are now available to purchase on our website. Orders will be shipped (weather-permitting) in April. 

The Belharra label offers approachable but delightfully complex Northern California wines at a reasonable price. 

Our hope is that those who join the mailing list and purchase wine truly enjoy what ends up in their glasses, and we look forward to future releases as an opportunity to share in what we’ve created. As always, word of mouth will be the driver of a sustained market for us, so sharing our wines is key! Hoping to keep messages to your inbox minimized, we invite you to keep up with us at your leisure through the website blog the “Cellar Scoop”. 


Anne and Camille