Belharra on the move!

As our wines disperse across the country, we'd like to pass on some tips for sucessfully receiving and enjoying these beautiful vintages

  • All packages will are required to be signed by a person 21-years or older. Once you receive a tracking number and email you can schedule a delivery, reroute the package to an alternate address, or hold it at a retail location for pickup.
  • We are currently using a local company, Bodega Shipping for our needs, and their best rates use UPS. Please contact us if you would like a different carrier.
  • Although tempting to pop and pour, most of the packages are transported via trucks, so give the wines a few days/weeks to get over the vibrations and jet lag.
  • Through careful trials, we have found the Rosé is best served a few minutes out of the fridge. The aromas and body of the wine seem to be better displayed when the bottle is sweating a bit.
  • Through equally diligent trials, we have found the Syrah benefits from a few- hour decant (open air contact). This can be accomplished by an actual decanter, or like at our house, with a pitcher, mason jar or single glass pour.