Belharra is the name of a legendary surf spot located on the Basque coast off Socoa, France, where storm tides hit an underwater outcropping and cause a rare wave of immense power. Such forces, after a vast journey, create a diverse natural beauty. Our philosophy mirrors the riders of these waves: patiently waiting for opportunities, understanding the contours of each current and practicing the craft with vigilance. 

Belharra wave with famous peak La Rhune in the background. (by Laurent Taque)

Belharra wave with famous peak La Rhune in the background. (by Laurent Taque)

Anne W. Fogerty

Hard work, community, and sharing an infectious smile were the mainstays of a first job at the age of 13 behind the counter of a neighborhood hardware store in Minnesota. Employment in the vineyards led to a job in the winery, and the opportunity for more learning and even longer days. Caught up in the promise of adventure and travel in wine production, Anne followed harvests around the world after college, always landing back in northern California among family and friends. She enjoys the sunshine here year-round, while building towards her professional and personal goals.


Camille E. Gaio

Raised in the French Alps, Camille graduated as a sommelier and worked across France before shifting her attention to an education in wine science and viticulture at the University of Bordeaux while working for a premium Chateau. Camille turned a love of the alpine slopes into a love of the ocean swell while on the Western coast of France, and followed the waves and vines to dynamic international vintages in California, Australia, and New Zealand. She is now continuing her growth in Napa Valley, always with an eye on the tide.